About Us

Meet The CEO

Our founder and CEO Dominga Hill created Hill4Naturale after a battle with Aplastic Anemia. After 5 years of treatments, chemo, radiation, a bone marrow transplant, and taking 30 pills a day. The mother of 4 decided that she was not going to allow her current situation to determine her life. She decided that since there was no way for her to have control of what went in her body, that she would take control of what goes on it. While going through treatments, Dominga not only lost her hair, but her skin started to get dry and rough.

That's when she started researching natural remedies and started making her products to help grow her hair back and get her skin under control—finally creating a formula that not only works great for her, but also her family. She realized that there are other people in the world with the same situation, Hill4Naturale was born in December 2019. She started donating her products to other cancer patients at her treatment centers to help them deal with the issues of hair loss and extremely dry skin.

Dominga continues to donate products to cancer treatment centers based in Austin, TX and is creating an organization called Hill4You that will accept donations of natural products for cancer patients all over the world. Dominga is an advocate for “Be the match” and is a supporter of the Aplastic anemia foundation